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About Holidays listed in WinCalendar

WinCalendar only includes Holidays/Observances that have achieved significant popularity for the selected country.

Why no National Missing Sock day?

In order for us to consider adding a Holiday/Observance it must get enough social media mentions and Google search traffic to warrant inclusion. We further consider the origin and promoters of the Observance. Observances promoted by say the United Nations are given greater priority over commercial Observances. This is so we can provide a valuable resource into the most pertinent Observances for each country without annoying unpopular listings.

If there is a Holiday that you think we should add or edit (wrong date?), email us at . Be sure to include the target country for which the holiday is worth adding. After review by our editorial staff we may add. Typically this process takes about 1 week.

For editorial integrity we do not accept payment for listing Holidays/Observances. We reserve the right to list or not list any Observance for any reason.