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2023 Date20 October 2023
2024 Date20 October 2024

Local Radio Day

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Local Radio Day celebrates the impact and importance of local radio stations within communities across the United Kingdom. The day aims to recognise the unique relationship local radio stations have with their listeners, providing not only news and entertainment but also valuable support during times of crisis. Local Radio Day highlights the hard work and dedication of the teams working behind the scenes at these stations, from presenters and journalists to producers and engineers.

The concept of Local Radio Day dates back to 2016 when several local radio stations in the UK decided to come together and create a day that focused on their shared passion for community-driven radio. Local Radio Day is particularly relevant for the people of the United Kingdom, as these radio stations are uniquely positioned to cover local news, events, and topics with a depth and intimacy that larger national stations are not able to achieve.

In the United Kingdom, Local Radio Day is observed through special events such as open days, exclusive interviews, and live broadcasts from community locations. It also serves as an opportunity for local stations to collaborate with each other, sharing stories, resources, and ideas. Local Radio Day typically occurs on the fourth Friday of May each year, offering a chance for people across the UK to tune into their local radio stations and celebrate the integral role they play within their communities.

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Local Radio Day Facts

  • Almost 250 UK radio stations including the BBC local radio participated in the Local Radio Day event in 2022.
  • It was great to celebrate Local Radio Day with #PledgeToTalk, encouraging listeners to talk to friends and family they hadn’t spoken to for some time, tackling loneliness and self-isolation during the pandemic. It was heart-warming to see so many people getting involved - Editor at BBC Radio Sussex and Surrey, Mark Carter, 2020
  • During emergencies and natural disasters, local radio becomes an essential source of real-time information for affected communities.
  • Local radio continues to be one of the most accessible forms of media, with listeners able to tune in using relatively inexpensive devices, even in remote areas with limited access to the internet or television.

Local Radio Day Top Things to Do

  • Stay informed about upcoming news.
  • Tune in and support your local radio stations. They may be holding contests or raffles.
  • Take the opportunity to learn about the history and development of radio broadcasting, as well as the technology behind it.
  • The most straightforward way to celebrate Local Radio Day is by tuning in to your local radio stations.

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