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Convert Yahoo Calendar to Excel & Word format.

Easily import calendar data from Yahoo calendar. This is done from WinCalendar without having to Export Yahoo calendar first. WinCalendar generates calendars in native Microsoft Word and Excel format.

Export Yahoo Calendar to Word and Excel
Convert Yahoo Calendar to Word or Excel

WinCalendar supports converting Yahoo Calendar to both Word and Excel in a variety of layouts including:

  • Monthly Calendar
  • Yearly Calendar
  • Weekly Calendar
  • Schedule Calendar
  • Excel Table (you can sort, filter & run Excel calcs in this layout)
  • Agenda

Once in Word or Excel you can further edit, share and print like any Word or Excel file.   You can also merge Yahoo calendar with imported data from other sources including: Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar, ICAL and even from Excel tables or CSV file.  Click here to download WinCalendar or for more info see the links on the left.