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Calendar Creator for Microsoft Excel

Make Calendars in Excel. Many calendar layouts and custom options are supported in Excel. This includes ability to make a calendar from Excel spreadsheet data.  The Following layouts are supported: Month Calendar, Weekly Calendar, Schedule, Agenda, Gantt Chart and Spreadsheet Table.  Calendars are inserted into your existing spreadsheet from a easy menu driven dialog... no calendar template to load.  As a bonus WinCalendar includes a date picker that integrates directly with Excel (works like a native toolbar).

WinCalendar in Excel features:

Below are sample Monthly Calendar, Schedule and Gantt Layouts created with WinCalendar using imported Calendar data.  Also available (not shown) is layouts: Agenda, filterable spreadsheet table and Weekly Calendar.

Monthly Calendar with Excel data
Sample monthly calendar created with WinCalendar in Excel.
Calendar Maker Schedule
Sample Schedule created with WinCalendar in Excel.
Excel Gantt Chart
Sample Gantt Chart created with WinCalendar in Excel.

Calendar maker features support many options for creating Calendars. Shown below is the main Calendar Maker dialog which reflect many of the available options.

Custom Calendar Maker Options
Excel Calendar Maker Main Options.