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Pop-up Calendar and date picker for Microsoft Word.

WinCalendar is also a free fully integrated Word Calendar & Word date picker.  WinCalendar as a Word Pop-up Calendar Features:

  • Advanced scrolling perpetual calendar design for powerful & easy use.
  • Floats on top of Word just like a toolbar.
  • Loads quickly & easily by hotkey, Word menu or ...
  • Right-Click any date to display WinCalendar as a Word pop up Calendar...

Calendar date picker in Word

  • WinCalendar 'snaps' to the user selected date!
  • Customizable size & features.
  • Reflects built in holidays through the year 2030 for any one of 12+ countries.
  • The same WinCalendar can also be viewed both in Windows (stand-alone) & integrated with Microsoft Excel.
  • You can save daily appointments.. they will then appear similar to holidays in WinCalendar.
  • Works with any recent version of Microsoft Word (v9-16) including Word 2016 & Office 365.
  • Also works stand alone Windows Desktop Calendar.
  • Download WinCalendar.