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Free Desktop Calendar for Windows

WinCalendar is also a free desktop calendar and date picker with holidays.

WinCalendar popup calendar features:

  • Integrates within Word & Excel as a date picker & reference calendar.
  • Loads easily by hotkey or from the system tray (optional).
  • Desktop Calendar works with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista.
  • Customizable size & features.
  • Advanced scrolling perpetual calendar for optimal navigation.
  • You can use your mouse's scroll wheel for quick date navigation.
  • The selected date is put into the clipboard in a format you specify.
  • Reflects holidays through the year 2020 for 10 countries.
  • Supports stored daily appointments (up to 10 as the free version).
  • Customize to start with Sunday or Monday.
  • WinCalendar also generates printable Calendars in Word & Excel.
  • Stored appointments appear on generated calendars.
  • One-key shortcuts for ease of use (press T to go to Today).
  • Download WinCalendar

WinCalendar Screen shot
Customized to start with Monday

Windows Desktop Calendar for Excel and Word