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2023 DateNovember 26, 2023
2024 DateNovember 26, 2024

National Cake Day

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National Cake Day is an annual American celebration that invites sweet-tooth enthusiasts and baking aficionados to delight in their favorite cake slices. The event is centered around the appreciation of cake, spotlighting the vast array of flavors, frosting types, and decorating techniques that make cakes not just a treat, but a form of culinary art.

There’s no definitive history linked to National Cake Day, but it's clear that the tradition finds its roots in the general human love for cakes. The practice of baking cakes has been traced back to ancient times, with the word 'cake' originating from the Old Norse word 'kaka'. Over centuries, cake recipes have been refined and diversified culminating in the delicious varieties we celebrate today.

National Cake Day serves as an opportunity to appreciate the skill and creativity that goes into making these delightful treats. It's a day where the work of professional pastry chefs to home bakers is celebrated, and the pleasure that comes from eating cake is given the spotlight. From classic vanilla to exotic flavors, there's a cake for every palate, and there's no better day to try them all. This sweet celebration occurs annually on November 26th, preparing the palate for the subsequent holiday season.

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National Cake Day facts

  • Early versions of the modern cake were first baked in the mid-17th century in Europe. Due to advances in technology like reliable ovens, food molds, and refined sugar, round cakes covered with icing could be baked.
  • The concept of birthday cake was introduced in the 15th century in Germany. The cakes were mostly bread and not particularly sweet, but they were given to children as a celebration of their birthday. They were called Geburstagkuchen.
  • One of the most expensive cakes ever made sold for $75 million according to CNBC. The finest ingredients were used and it was decorated with over 4000 diamonds.
  • Red velvet cake got its name from the reaction of vinegar with cocoa, which reveals the red anthocyanin in the cocoa.

Top things to do for National Cake Day

  • Eat your favorite cake. Or try something a new flavor you've never had before.
  • Try baking your own cake. Ingredients include: flour, butter, milk, eggs, sugar, and baking soda or powder.
  • Watch a show about baking to discover some sweet desserts. Our suggestions:
    Sugar Rush (2018)
    Zumbo's Just Desserts (2016)
    The Great British Baking Show (2010)
  • Bake and donate cakes to local charities or food banks. National Cake Day can also be a time to spread joy and share your homemade creations with those in need.
  • Use National Cake Day as an opportunity to start a collection of cake recipes. Collect recipes from cookbooks, online sources, or family and friends.

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