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World Hello Day History

World Hello Day is dedicated to promoting peace and fostering communication among citizens of different backgrounds and cultures. The day aims to inspire dialogue and understanding, thus serving as a way to overcome conflicts and bridge divides among people. Key aspects of this observance include engaging in conversation with others, particularly those from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, making a conscious effort to learn new languages, and spreading messages of unity and harmony.

The inception of World Hello Day dates back to 1973, when founders Brian and Michael McCormack created the event in response to the Yom Kippur War, which represented a severe failure of communication between the countries involved. The idea was to emphasize the power of personal communication in preserving peace. For Americans, World Hello Day serves as an important reminder of the country's diverse cultural makeup, and the significant impact that language and communication can have in promoting understanding, acceptance, and unity amongst its citizens.

In the United States, World Hello Day is observed by taking a step towards fostering a more harmonious society and participating in activities that encourage dialogue and understanding. Many schools, community centers, and cultural organizations hold events where individuals can participate in educational programs, learn new languages, or engage in discussions on multicultural topics. These activities focus on the importance of communication in overcoming differences and discovering shared values. World Hello Day is celebrated on November 21st each year.

World Hello Day facts

  • The McCormack brothers mailed over 1300 letters to government leaders around the world to encourage participation in the first World Hello Day in 1973. Since then, 180 countries have observed the day.
  • The first use of 'hello' in print was observed in 1826 in an edition of the Norwich Courier in Norwich, Connecticut.
  • According to Merriam-Webster, the use of 'hello' as a telephone greeting is attributed to Thomas Edison. In 1877, Edison wrote to the president of the Central District and Printing Telegraph company of Pittsburgh explaining that hello would serve as a good greeting.

Top things to do in the US for World Hello Day

  • Learn to say hello in another language. There are hundreds of different languages, why not learn a few phrases from one that interests you?
  • Communicate with someone you've lost touch with. An argument may have led to things falling out or perhaps time has just gone by. This could be a chance to reconnect.
  • Say hello to 10 different people. World Hello Day highlights how personal communication can preserve peace and start conversation.
  • Visit a local nursing home or hospital and spread cheer.

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