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2024 DateMarch 6, 2024
2025 DateMarch 6, 2025

National Oreo Day

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National Oreo Day History

National Oreo Day is dedicated to pay tribute to America's favorite cookie - the Oreo. Recognized nationwide, this event inspires both fond nostalgia and joyous indulgence as individuals of all ages revel in tasting the sweet, creamy bliss of this iconic sandwich cookie.

The National Oreo Day was established to celebrate the creation of the Oreo cookie by the National Biscuit Company - now known as Nabisco - on March 6, 1912. Due to its longstanding history and beloved status, the Oreo quickly earned a dedicated day of observance. What began as a humble cookie has since evolved into a household name, with countless iterations and flavors released over the years to keep the tradition alive.

Millions of people across America celebrate National Oreo Day via indulgence, hosting cookie parties, or making creative recipes featuring Oreos. The day encourages sharing, creativity and enjoyment of the iconic cookie, emphasizing its presence as a deeply ingrained part of American culture. National Oreo Day is celebrated annually on March 6, marking the anniversary of the cookie's creation.

Facts about National Oreo Day

  • According to Madefind, In 2023, the United States and China were the top consumers of Oreo Cookies, accounting for 70% of all sales.
  • According to, over 40 billion cookies are produced every year.
  • According to History Daily, Oreo cookies were introduced to the market in 1912 and since then have sold over 500 billion Oreo cookies.
  • Oreo's first slogan in 1950 was Oh! Oh! Oreo. Some other slogans and jingles they had were America's Best Loved Cookie, Who's the Kid with the Oreo Cookie?, and Oreo, the Original Twister. In 2004 they changed their slogan to Milk's Favorite Cookie and it's been the same ever since.

Top things to do for National Oreo Day

  • Enjoy some oreos. Pair them with a glass of milk for good measure.
  • Explore oreo recipes. There are cakes, caramel cookies, ice cream sandwiches, and more.
  • Participate in the oreo challenge. Grab a friend and see who can get an oreo into their mouth first from the top of their forehead without using their hands.

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