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National Popcorn Day

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National Popcorn Day is dedicated to celebrating one of America's favorite snacks: popcorn. This full-flavored delight, whether doused in butter during a movie, air-popped for a healthy snack, or caramelized for a sweet treat, is observed nationwide with fans indulging in their preferred style of popcorn.

Though the origins of National Popcorn Day are unclear, popcorn itself has a history as rich as its flavor profile. Native to the Americas, popcorn has been enjoyed for thousands of years. Not just a snack, it served many purposes from decorating ceremonial headdresses to providing food for survival during hard times. Popcorn became particularly popular in the United States in the mid-1800s, and its prominence has been growing ever since, particularly during times of economic hardship when the inexpensive popcorn treat became an affordable luxury.

Today, National Popcorn Day is a time to celebrate this versatile and beloved grain. The day often sees companies offering special deals or new popcorn flavors, encouraging popcorn enthusiasts and newcomers alike to explore the breadth of experiences popcorn can offer. Desserts, snack mixes, and even popcorn-themed crafts and decorations help bring enthusiasm and joy to the celebration. National Popcorn Day is observed annually on January 19th.

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Facts about National Popcorn Day

  • Entrepreneur Charles Cretors is credited with inventing the first steam driven popcorn machine in 1885. His Chicago based company, C. Cretors & Company would change the way popcorn was made forever.
  • According to, Americans consume about 60 billion cups of popped popcorn every year. That equates to about 188 cups per person.
  • Facts about Popcorn:
    1) Popcorn gained more popularity during the Great Depression because of its affordability. During World War II, when sugar and other supplies were rationed, popcorn became a go-to snack.
    2) The first popcorn machine was invented by Charles Cretors in 1885. This machine used a small steam engine to pop the corn and was mobile, allowing Cretors to move his machine to different locations and events.
    3) Americans consume around 16 billion quarts of popcorn content every year. This amount would fill the Empire State Building 18 times.
    4) Unpopped popcorn kernels are known as "spinsters" or "old maids".

Top things to do for National Popcorn Day

  • Watch this short video on how popcorn is made.
  • Try making your own popcorn. There are many Recipes that range from sweet, salty, to cheesy. Find you like and try it out.
  • Put on a movie at home or go out and catch one in a theater. Be sure to grab your popcorn. No snack pairs better with a movie than popcorn. Be sure to add some butter and special toppings while you're at it.

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