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National Farmers Day

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National Farmers Day History

National Farmers Day celebrates and acknowledges the contributions of farmers all across the country. This day recognizes the hard work and unwavering dedication that goes into the agricultural industry, playing a crucial role in maintaining the nation's economy and feeding communities.

This salute to the American farmers dates back to the 19th century. Believed to have started on October 12, 1800, National Farmers Day was known as 'Old Farmer's Day' and initially celebrated in rural communities during the heart of harvest time. The name may have changed over the decades, but today it remains a vital occasion to accredit the tireless farmers for their crucial input in fostering the nation's growth and development.

National Farmers Day is an opportunity to generate awareness about farming, agricultural sustainability, and propagate the concept of 'farm-to-table' amongst the younger generations. It underscores the importance of farming in relation to food supply, biofuel production, and its impact on the economy at large. National Farmers Day is observed on October 12, marking the end of the harvest season and paying tribute accordingly.

National Farmers Day facts

  • There were about 2 million farms across the U.S as of 2018.
  • The average farm can grow enough to feed over 160 people according to the U.S Farm Bureau.

Top things to do for National Farmers Day

  • Visit your local farmer's market to directly support local farmers.
  • Find out if any local farmer's markets are operating in your area and plan a visit. Purchase fresh produce, dairy products, or other farm items directly from the farmers.
  • If you have a backyard or even a small balcony, consider starting your own garden. Grow vegetables, herbs, or fruits, and experience firsthand the hard work and pride that farmers have in their produce.
  • Find reputable agricultural organizations or charities and consider donating to support their efforts in helping farmers.

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