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Ukraine Independence Day

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Ukraine Independence Day History

Ukraine Independence Day celebrates the country's sovereignty and freedom. This honors Ukraine's declaration of independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, following the aftermath of the Cold War. The day is marked with flag-raising ceremonies, military parades, cultural events, and fireworks displays, showcasing Ukraine's rich history, culture, and traditions to the world.

The origins of Ukraine Independence Day date back to August 24, 1991, when the country's parliament adopted the Act of Independence, the key document that signaled Ukraine's intention to become a sovereign state. This observance presents an opportunity to learn about Ukraine's history, its struggle for independence, and its role in global affairs, while also acknowledging the achievements and contributions of the more than one million Ukrainian-Americans living in the United States today. The day serves as a reminder of the shared values held by both countries, such as democracy, human rights, and national pride.

In the United States, Ukraine Independence Day is recognized with various events organized by Ukrainian-American communities across the nation. Major cities with sizable Ukrainian populations, such as New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia, often host parades, cultural festivals, concerts, and educational programs that highlight Ukraine's heritage and promote solidarity with the diaspora. Ukraine Independence Day is observed annually on August 24th.

Ukraine Independence Day facts

  • The majority of Ukrainians identify as Christian, primarily belonging to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Kyiv Patriarchate) and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate).
  • The official language of Ukraine is Ukrainian, spoken by around 67% of the population. Russian is also widely spoken.
  • The Declaration of State Sovereignty of Ukraine was adopted on July 16, 1990. The newly elected parliament of Ukraine voted 355 for and 4 against. This declaration of independence stated that Ukraine would maintain its own army and its own national bank. The declaration also announced that Ukraine would exist as a permanently neutral state.
  • According to, Ukrainian civilizations date back to 4800 B.C when the Trypillian and Scythian civilizations once thrived.
  • The Ukrainian national costume is the Vyshyvanka. It is decorated with ornamental hand-woven embroidery featuring floral detail. Both women and men wear the costume on various occasions.

Top things to do for Ukraine Independence Day

  • Attend a parade. Celebrations typically follow a large military parade in the capital city of Kiev.
  • Enjoy traditional Ukrainian dishes. Some examples include Borscht (beet soup), Varenyky (dumplings), and Chicken Kyiv. You can also try horilka which is a Ukrainian variant of vodka.
  • Watch a film or documentary that showcases Ukraine and its culture. Here are some examples:
    Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight For Freedom (2015)
    Maidan (2014)
    Firecrosser (2011)

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