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Mawlid Un Nabi Starts

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Mawlid Un Nabi History

Mawlid Un Nabi is a religious festival that observes the birthday of Prophet Muhammed. It is an occasion filled with deep respect, love, and gratitude for the Prophet, who is revered and held in high esteem by followers of Islam. The observance includes prayer meetings, communal meals, lengthy processions, and charitable deeds, promoting solidarity and fellowship among Muslims. The core spirit of the event centers on remembering and appreciating the Prophet’s teachings and actions, which many believe serve as a guide to ethical, moral, and just living.

The advent of Mawlid Un Nabi traces back to the early years of Islam. However, its significance has expanded over time, encompassing numerous regional customs and interpretations. For American Muslims, Mawlid Un Nabi holds an especially important meaning, given that it offers an opportunity to reaffirm religious identities, celebrate Islamic heritage, and engage in interfaith dialogue.

In the US, Mawlid Un Nabi is celebrated with a combination of religious and cultural observances. Mosques organize special services where hymns extolling the Prophet are recited, and stories about his life and teachings are shared. Large gatherings that include feasts and donation drives are common in urban centers with prominent Muslim communities. These celebrations offer a chance for not only Muslims but also non-Muslims to learn and understand Islamic traditions. Mawlid Un Nabi's occurrence follows the Islamic lunar calendar, with the event taking place on the 12th day of the third month, Rabi' al-awwal.

Mawlid Un Nabi Starts facts

  • Muhammad was born in Mecca to Abdullah ibn Al Muttalib, the son of the chief of the Quraysh, and Aminah bint Wahab, a member of the Banu Zuhrah tribe. His mother, Aminah, is a descendent of Abraham through his son Ismail.
  • Muhammad was born on the Year of the Elephant, which is named after the year on which Aksumite king Abraha tried to destroy Mecca with an army of his elephants. Tradition dictates that the army was destroyed by birds carrying small stones, which they threw on the elephants.
  • The Ottomans declared it an official holiday in 1588 and the first public celebrations included feasting, giving to the poor and reciting poetry.
  • Soon after Muhammad was born, he was sent to live with Bedouins, nomadic Arabs who travel from oasis to oasis with camels. This was done because the desert life was considered healthier for infants.
  • Muhammad's father died a few months before he was born. His mother passed away when he was six years old. His grandfather, Abd al-Muttalib Shaybah ibn Hashim, became his new guardian.

Top things to do in the US for Mawlid Un Nabi

  • Watch the Omar series to learn more about the times of Muhammad. Although it does not show Muhammad directly out of Muslim's respect for him, it shows all his companions and the lives they led.
  • Study the Quran or the Hadith (teachings of Muhammad) to learn more about the Prophet Muhammad.
  • Read The Sealed Nectar, a prize winning book, which is a complete authoritative book on the life of Prophet Muhammad.
  • Mawlid Un Nabi is marked as a time of giving, and many Muslims participate in charitable activities or volunteer work during this time.

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