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2024 DateSeptember 30, 2024
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International Podcast Day

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International Podcast Day History

International Podcast Day highlights the power of podcasts to connect and communicate ideas across boundaries of geography, culture, and language. This day aspires to spread awareness about the relevance and convenience of podcasts - be it hosting or listening, and to appreciate the creativity and hard work that goes into the creation of these wonderful digital content.

Introduced in 2014 by Steve Lee, founder of the Modern Life Network, the event realized a vision of honoring podcast creators and amplifying their voices to global audiences. International Podcast Day has only grown in scope, involving many countries and a variety of themes each year to keep things fresh and interactive.

The elements typically highlighted during International Podcast Day include informative webinars, social media engagement and real-time activities, keynote speakers from the industry, and panel discussions which encourage global participation. Celebration methods often vary depending on local contexts and cultural nuances, but the unifying theme of promoting and enhancing the world of podcasting stays the same. International Podcast Day falls annually on the 30th of September.

International Podcast Day facts

  • The top 3 Podcasts on Apple Podcasts in the U.S as of 2020 are:
    1. The Joe Rogan Experience
    2. Paper Ghosts
    3. The Daily
  • The format and style known as podcasting was created in 2004 by former MTV video Jockey Adam Curry and software developer Dave Winer. As a pioneer of podcasts, Adam Curry proved influential in gaining popularity for the podcasting style with his show Daily Source Code. On it, Curry detailed his everyday life while also discussing the podcasting model. He also promoted new podcasts. Credit for creating the actual format and model goes to Dave Winer. Winer created the RSS format which allowed sound and video files to be updated to web feeds.
  • The average podcast listener subscribes to seven different shows and listens to an average of five hours of podcasts per week.
  • Podcasts offer an engaging advertising platform. Ads on podcasts are 4.4x better than display ads in generating brand recall.
  • Podcasting originated back in the early 2000s, and the term "podcast" is a blend of "iPod" (a brand of media player) and "broadcast".

Top things to do for International Podcast Day

  • Use International Podcast Day as an opportunity to explore new podcasts. Browse through different genres and discover shows that align with your interests or explore new ones you haven't tried before.
  • Record your own podcast episode with friends or family members. Choose a topic that interests you all, set up a microphone or your smartphone, and start recording. It could be a storytelling session, a debate, or a discussion on a specific subject.
  • Reach out to your favorite podcasters and express your gratitude for their work. Leave positive reviews, give them shout-outs on social media, or consider becoming a patron or donating to support their efforts.

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