Restart A Heart Day

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2022 Date16 October 2022
2023 Date16 October 2023
Restart A Heart Day

Restart A Heart Day History

Restart A Heart Day seeks to educate and inform people about the proper procedure for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR. This day encourages everyone to learn what to do should someone undergo cardiac arrest. It offers guidelines and online resources on how to perform CPR safely and properly. It also offers helplines and numbers to call for assistance.

Restart A Heart Day seems to have been started in 2013 as a campaign for CPR education. It is observed annually on 16 October.

Restart A Heart Day Facts

  • Cardiac arrest is an abrupt loss of heart function that stops blood from pumping around the body. Cardiac arrest may be reversed if CPR is performed and if a defibrillator is used.
  • Around 80% of cardiac arrests happen in the home according to
  • Only about 10% of people survive out-of-hospital cardiac arrests.

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