International Day of Friendship

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AKA NameFriendship Day, World Friendship Day
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2024 DateJuly 30, 2024
2025 DateJuly 30, 2025

International Day of Friendship

International Day of Friendship in

International Friendship Day History

The International Day of Friendship highlights the importance of friendship as a way to foster peace and cultural understanding among diverse communities. This special day promotes the idea that through friendships, we can break down barriers, cultivate respect, and foster acceptance among individuals from different backgrounds. Valuing the power of human connection, the Observance aims to unite people in both their common humanity and cultural diversity.

The UN General Assembly first proclaimed International Day of Friendship in 2011, recognizing its potential as a way to strengthen bonds between nations while promoting understanding and respect for diversity. For Americans, this day holds particular significance as the country has always thrived as a melting pot of various cultures and communities. The Observance seeks to encourage Americans to appreciate and embrace their diverse friendships, thus promoting social cohesion and understanding that transcends cultural, religious, and ethnic differences.

In the United States, International Day of Friendship is observed by hosting events where people can engage with others from different backgrounds, participate in cultural exchange activities, and share stories that celebrate their unique friendships. This may include community gatherings, school events, and social media campaigns that encourage individuals to celebrate their friendships while promoting love, peace, and understanding across all walks of life. International Day of Friendship is celebrated around the world on July 30th every year, reminding everyone of the power and importance of friendship in overcoming adversity and fostering global peace.

Facts & quotes about International Day of Friendship

  • In 1998, the UN Secretary's wife, Nane Annan, named Winnie the Pooh as the Ambassador of Friendship at the UN.
  • It's been proved that we can catch happiness from our friends. A Harvard study suggested that if a person becomes happy, a friend living close by has a 25% higher chance of becoming happy too.
  • Studies show that the quality of friendships during adolescence could predict mental health in adulthood.
  • People who are more socially connected to family, friends, and community are happier, healthier, and live longer than people who are less well connected - Robert Waldinger, a psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital and a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School based on his study.
  • The International Day of Friendship is an important opportunity to confront the misunderstandings and distrust that underlie so many of the tensions and conflicts in today's world. It is a reminder that human solidarity is essential to promoting lasting peace and fostering sustainable development - UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon, 2013.
  • Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together - Woodrow Wilson

Top things to do in the US for this observance

  • Let every one of your friends know how much you appreciate them - with a card, a letter, a phone call, an email, a text, etc.
  • Perform random acts of kindness for strangers and make some new friends.
  • Smile at everyone you meet today, they may be your new best friend.
  • Dedicate a song on the radio to your friends.
  • Take pictures of yourself with your friends having fun together.

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