World Day against Trafficking in Persons

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World Day against Trafficking in Persons

World Day against Trafficking in Persons in

World Day against Trafficking in Persons

World Day against Trafficking in Persons aims to raise awareness about the issue of human trafficking and promote efforts to combat this heinous crime. Recognized by the United Nations, this day serves as an opportunity for countries, organizations, and individuals to come together and highlight the importance of preventing and addressing human trafficking, as well as providing support to victims. The observance focuses on various aspects such as forced labor, sexual exploitation, and child trafficking, to create a comprehensive understanding of this global problem and foster cooperation in addressing it.

The United Nations General Assembly established World Day against Trafficking in Persons in 2013, following the adoption of the Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons in 2010. For people in America, this day holds significance as the United States is both a destination and a transit country for victims of human trafficking. According to the U.S. Department of State, traffickers exploit foreign nationals and U.S. citizens, with the most vulnerable populations being children, runaway and homeless youth, as well as marginalized individuals. The U.S. government has been working diligently to combat this issue, passing multiple laws and implementing various initiatives to identify, protect, and assist victims.

In America, World Day against Trafficking in Persons is observed through various events and activities, such as educational programs, discussions, and campaigns spread across various states. These initiatives are designed to inform and engage the public in the fight against human trafficking, and to support organizations working on the frontline of this battle. World Day against Trafficking in Persons is observed annually on July 30th, uniting Americans and the global community in the fight to end human trafficking and help restore dignity and freedom to those affected.

Facts about Human Trafficking

  • The theme for World Day against Trafficking in Persons 2023 was Reach every victim of trafficking, leave no one behind.
  • The average cost of a slave globally is $90.
  • According to the U.S. State Department, 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders every year. 80% are women and children.
  • Human trafficking is the third largest international crime industry after illegal drugs and arms trafficking. It generates a profit of approximately 32 billion every year.
  • The most common form of human trafficking is sexual exploitation, accounting for 79% of human trafficking victims. These victims of sexual exploitation are predominantly women and girls.
  • Some girls cannot go to school because of child labour and child trafficking - Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani activist for women’s rights and youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate.

Top things to do in the US for this observance

  • Spread awareness about the day by using the hashtags #WorldDayAgainstTraffickinginPersons and #IGiveHope.
  • Donate to charities: Not For Sale, Unisex or Polaris Project. All donations go toward protecting people and communities around the world from modern-day slavery and human trafficking. They have directly supported thousands of people around the world back to lives of freedom and meaning.
  • Attend the More Than A Survivor: More than a Story Fundraiser in southern California. The event features 22 stunning portraits of women who survived being trafficked and all survived. The event is both a special fundraising event and a way to get educated and help spread awareness about the issue.
  • Watch a movie about human trafficking. Our picks: Taken(2008), Trade (2007), Human Trafficking (2005), The Pink Room(2011), Nefarious (2011), Lilya 4-ever (2002), Eden (2012) and In Plain Sight (2014).

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