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Father's Day

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Father's Day History

Father's Day seeks to honor the contributions, love, and sacrifices of fathers in families and society. The observance aims to recognize and appreciate the paternal figures in our lives, including biological fathers, stepfathers, and grandfathers. It offers an opportunity for children to express gratitude and admiration towards their dads, reinforcing the bond within families and promoting paternal involvement in children's lives.

The idea for Father's Day dates back to the early 20th century, with the first celebration taking place in the United States in 1910. Sonora Smart Dodd, a woman from Washington State, initiated the day to honor her father, William Jackson Smart, a civil war veteran and single parent who raised his six children. In 1972, under President Richard Nixon, Father's Day was officially recognized as a national holiday in America, allowing the nationwide celebration of fatherhood and paternal bonds.

In the United States, Father's Day is typically observed on the third Sunday of June. Festivities often involve family gatherings, sharing meals, and engaging in recreational activities together. Children and adults alike express gratitude to their fathers through various means, including the exchange of gifts, handwritten notes, and phone or video calls. Some people also pay tribute to their late fathers by visiting their grave sites or conducting memorial services.

Father's Day facts & quotes

  • Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd first came up with the idea for Father's Day after hearing a Mother's Day sermon in church. She was raised by her father and wanted to honor him.
  • According to Hallmark, Father's Day is the fourth-largest card-sending occasion with 72 million cards given every year.
  • The official flower for Father's Day is a rose. Wearing a red rose signifies a living father, while a white rose represents a father who has passed away.
  • In 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson declared the third Sunday in June as Father's Day. It became a permanent holiday in 1972 when President Richard Nixon proclaimed that the third Sunday in June would remain Father's Day.
  • According to the U.S. census, in 2022, only 4% of all children in the U.S. lived with only their fathers.
  • It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father - Pope John XXIII

Top things to do in the US for Father's Day

  • Arrange a BBQ and invite all of the fathers in your family.
  • Spend the day with Dad doing one of his favorite activities: fishing, golfing, hiking.
  • Attend a Baseball game. Father's day occurs in the midst of Baseball season.
  • Complete one of dad's chores or projects as a surprise. If it's something you don't know how to do, offer to help and learn.
  • Take the President's Fatherhood's Pledge.

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