National Ice Cream Cake Day

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National Ice Cream Cake Day

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National Ice Cream Cake Day History

National Ice Cream Cake Day seeks to appreciate the combination of ice cream and cake. This occasion calls for the preparation or purchase of ice cream cakes, which are usually made by layering or mixing ice cream with sponge cake, and garnished with whipped cream, icing, or even fruit to create a delicious dessert. The event encourages people to share and enjoy this frozen treat with friends and family and to explore various recipes and flavors to satisfy their taste buds.

While the origin of National Ice Cream Cake Day remains unknown, the creation of ice cream cakes dates back to the 19th century. It is believed that the first ice cream cake was created in the Victorian era, where ice cream was served with biscuits and sponge cake. It soon gained popularity in the United States, and by the mid-20th century, ice cream cakes became a popular choice for birthday parties and other special occasions.

National Ice Cream Cake Day is celebrated annually on June 27th. This much-awaited day provides an opportunity for both ice cream and cake enthusiasts to celebrate and experiment with diverse ingredients, designs, and flavors, while sharing their creations on social media or hosting gatherings to enjoy the scrumptious dessert together. So, mark your calendars and be ready to relish a slice or two of your favorite ice cream cake on this delightful day.

National Ice Cream Cake Day facts

  • According to the Go Puff, the bestselling ice cream flavors in the US in 2021 were:
    1) Chocolate
    2) Vanilla
    3) Strawberry ice cream
    4) Mint Chocolate Chip
    5) Butter pecan ice cream
  • According to the International Dairy Foods Association, the average American consumes about 23 pounds of iced cram and related deserts per year.
  • The world’s largest ice cream cake weighed 22,333 pounds. It was created by Dairy Queen Canada in 2011.
  • One serving of Dairy Queen ice cream cake is about 410 calories.

Top things to do for National Ice Cream Cake Day

  • Visit a local ice cream parlor and enjoy some ice cream cake. They may be offering specials or deals to celebrate the day.
  • Invite friends over for a night of sweets. Have everyone bring their favorite flavor of ice cream cake and try a little bit of everything.
  • Discover 5 delicious ice cream cake recipes.

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