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2024 DateJune 17, 2024
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National Mascot Day

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National Mascot Day History

National Mascot Day honors mascots of all types, whether they represent sports teams, schools, or organizations. These mascots have played a crucial role in engaging fans and creating a spirited atmosphere, often becoming symbols of pride and unity for their communities. The day is typically marked by events and activities that showcase mascot performances, interactions, and their impressive array of costumes and characters.

The concept of mascots dates back to ancient times, when people believed that certain objects or animals could provide protection or bring good fortune. In modern times, mascots have evolved into significant figures for various institutions, as they embody the spirit and essence of their respective organizations. Mascots often engage in playful, entertaining antics to keep audiences entertained and involved, bridging the gap between athletes or representatives and the fans or supporters.

National Mascot Day was founded by David Raymond, who served as the original Phillie Phanatic, the beloved and iconic mascot of the Philadelphia Phillies MLB team, for over 16 years. Raymond started the tradition in 2017 to acknowledge the hard work and dedication that goes into bringing mascots to life, and to further recognize the impact these characters have on sports, entertainment, and communities at large. The celebration occurs every year on June 17, providing a special opportunity to appreciate the energy, creativity, and enthusiasm that mascots bring to events and gatherings across the nation.

National Mascot Day facts

  • In 2023, the highest paid mascot was the Denver Nuggets mascot Rocky, who earned $625,0000 for the year.
  • The word mascot evolved from the French mascotte. The word originally meant a lucky charm and was used in gambling slang. In the 1880s, the word was adopted by the US. In 1886, the New York Times used the word to reference a team’s mascot.
  • According to (No Suggestions), it’s believed that the first official animal mascot was Handsome Dan, a bulldog belonging to a member of the Yale class of 1892.
  • The shift from live to costumed mascots was initiated by the New York Met’s mascot Mr. Met. He debuted in 1964.

Top things to do for National Mascot Day

  • Learn more about your favorite mascots. Whether it's baseball, basketball, football, whatever the sport, research the history behind your favorite mascots.
  • Check out the mascot hall of fame located in Whiting, Indiana. It features exhibits and activities involving mascots from all the US sports leagues.
  • Watch the Hulu documentary Behind the Mask. It explores the history of sports mascots and the challenges they have faced over the years.

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